In accordance with the spirit of postmodern, fine art of Aleksandra Kokotović does not offer ready-made solutions, it raises questions and presupposes an intellectual approach to creativity, which is also seen in the complex names of her works.

On large format canvases, Alexandra builds her abstract temporal and spatial maps of the world in an attempt to point out the need to re – examine known history, which is increasingly called into question by new discoveries. Alexandra’s juicy pictorial manuscript inscribes line systems, which intersect the map of human history, where they cross, spatially and temporally, materially and spiritually, interconnect and finally unite into a single whole.

Undefined fields define parallels, diagonal lines, coordinates, but also “seals” or recognizable traces of human civilizations, as markers to navigate in immense maps.

Below the abstract form of her paintings, the three thematic units, which occupy her, are dominant: the revaluation of civilization heritage, ecological awareness and the attempt to present spiritual values in a material way.

The enormous price paid for technological development by “loss of innocence” and the purity of our planet, air, earth and primary environment, is the target where Alexandra devotes a segment of her work, emphasizing the importance of restoring to the sources, to the origin, the innocence of the original civilizations.

Losing the classic spatial connotation of perspective and relationship of soil – horizon, the images, in her vision, become framed imagery of satellites, polygon of micro and macro cosmic perceptions of the planet and cosmic landscapes, as well as complex spiritual, metaphysical meanings.

The unity of opposites is freely, freshly and impulsively restrained by a network of line geometry, coordinates and platforms. They introduce the element of the spontaneous, flighty and fluid organization, and bright coloring is tranquilized by the black line systems.